Generals say women should have to register for draft

I heard about this on the news. I like to steer away from these subjects but in this case I must come out against this idea. Some ladies are equipped for this assignment, imagine the woman not prepared pysically or mentally on the front lines bound to defend herself and those along side her. I wouldn’t want to be that woman or the soldiers relying on me.

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45 thoughts on “Generals say women should have to register for draft

  1. A tough subject for sure! I believe in getting up from my chair to let a woman sit, hold doors open, etc, and that point of view extends to this. I wouldn’t want a woman to be subjected to the horrors of war. I’m equally sure that some men aren’t suited for it, either.

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  2. Wow me either. I can’t imagine my daughter going to war she wouldn’t make it through the physical exam but even so if she did she didn’t even like to play dodgeball in school I can’t imagine this! Really a crazy idea! Wonderful post Holly!

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    • This is a reblog from Poetsareangels. Right you are Michelle, in case they haven’t noticed there’s a huge difference physically and mentally in men and women. My heart goes out to the young men who are called to war, they are someone’s son, brother, husband. Stop War!


    • It is horrific, I don’t think I am wrong in saying there is a small percentage of women physically, mentally qualified to face battle. To those women who are I am in awe. Lets face it, most women are not suitable for combat. I know there are many women soldiers around the world, I salute you…I think you want someone one you can count on to “have” your back, so the idea of drafting all young women into the military and putting them at the front lines seems for lack of a better word…insane.

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        • Holly, I know it is easier said then done at times, but please try not to let this upset you. It has not happened. I understand how very upsetting this is, yet I choose not to allow this to eat away at me. ((((HUGS)))), friend. ❤ ❤ ❤

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        • Dear Amy, it is upsetting that any man or woman would be called to fight a war. This issue would not effect me on a personal level. We rely on our leaders to make the right judgement calls drafting women is a bad decision so hopefully it won’t come to fruition. Thank you sweet Amy. ❤

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        • Honey, I of anyone is anti war. My husband is a Vietnam vet and to this day I see the ramifications of that war. I detest war and what it does to beautiful, sensitive, glorious people who were never meant to be used as tools of killing and destruction. I have little confidence in our leaders any more. I do however have every confidence of the One I Love and whose Guidance I listen to every day. Keep HOPE high in your Heart, Holly. It’s the only way to keep our sanity in tact living in the world we do today. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. If they want women to register they need to teach them to be as violent as boy are from the beginning. We are conditioned and brainwashed (raised) differently and until that changes, and the girls aisle in Target looks just like the boys does, I don’t think it’s fair. They are going in with a disadvantage. Few contact sports, no fighting. Boys are trained to be fighters, to take care of themselves. Girls are taught to take care of OTHERS. That’s why women don’t put the carseat on top of the car and drive away. Men have upper body strength, women do not. I think any woman who WANTS to enlist should be able to do so. I think she should go to the front lines if she wants to do that as well. But I don’t think girls should be drafted unless we change their toys and stop dressing them in ruffles and tiny shoes. I would also be nice if their weren’t raped by the soldiers they serve with. Or the enemy. Other than that…

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    • Well said Gigi, I feel the genders are inherently different and given a choice most girls will choose dolls over guns and less physical sports as they mature.
      Through feminism and the burgeoning men’s movement, we’ve blurred what used to be recognized as the line between male and female roles but I don’t think this determines the outcome in terms of sexuality.
      There are many women who are perfectly fit to fight in combat, hats off ladies! Speaking generally the sexes are wired differently, physically, mentally, and emotionally; vive la difference! Rape is an vicious act imposing power over the victim and there has been an outcry over the rape of women in the military yet nothing of consequence has been done to prevent this. Another issue to consider in the drafting of women in to the military.


    • Hi Jonathan, yes I’m sure they are pleased. But seriously, it’s not fair to look down on the brave women who have all it takes to get out there. They need to be really tough and must gain the trust of their fellow soldier just like the others…only more so because they are woman.


  4. As in everything I am pro choice. If we are to have universal equality we must accept another’s views in every situation. My father and brother chose war, my mother and sister did not. Should I not accept their choice?

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    • I am with you on that Dennis. I too am pro choice. In this situation if a woman feels she can do combat she should able to sign on for that. Still not in favor of drafting women though . Hopefully we will never need the “draft” again. Thank you my friend.


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