What’s Going On…

“He’s a war hero because he was captured,” Trump said during an appearance in Iowa. “I like people who weren’t captured.”

Donald Trump, who himself dodged the draft, on John McCain.

“We’re better off if Japan protects itself.”
March 29, 2016

Since World War II, a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy has been to limit the spread of nuclear weapons — especially to areas of potentially high tensions

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her — wherever.”
Aug. 7, 2015

For many Americans, this was the first exposure to Trump’s predilection for lashing out at journalists — and making denigrating comments about women.

“Putin running his country…at least he’s a leader”

Washington Post

“I’m going to open our libel laws.”
Feb. 26, 2016

Trump, whose candidacy has benefited enormously from free media coverage, has spent much of the campaign attacking the press.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”
Jan. 23, 2016 Huffington Post

During an Iowa campaign appearance, Trump marveled at the loyalty of his supporters

“This judge is of Mexican heritage. I’m building a wall.”
June 3, 2016  Huffington Post

The personal attacks. The contempt for political norms. The denigration of immigrants. It’s all there in Trump’s commentary on U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over lawsuits against Trump University.

Huffington Post

“I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything”

NY Times


61 thoughts on “What’s Going On…

  1. …wenn ich meine Meinung geben darf, obwohl mich das nicht betrifft, so sage ich…beide Kandidaten sind nicht gut!
    Aber es ist nur meine persönliche Meinung und es steckt nichts böses dahinter. Das Amerikanische Volk wird schon wissen was gut für Amerika ist.
    Lieben Gruß und eine gute Nacht

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  2. Holly, the man said Mexico is bringing their rapists into our country. They are not bringing their best. This man has been recorded at least twice where he brags about sexual assault because he is a star and dropping in on undressed beauty pageant contestants, some as young as 15, because he owns the franchise and is just inspecting his assets.
    Twelve women have come forward, some with attorneys and some before these two tapes are known and describe the man doing to them what he defines in his own word. He threatens to sue this women who are all lying, but what should get greater press is the response from the attorneys – bring it on.

    What needs to get more notoriety is in addition to the 75 pending lawsuits at this time, three of which are class action lawsuits for alleged misrepresentation by Trump University, there is one lawsuit of his and a less-than-saintly co-defendant’s of an alleged rape of a thirteen year old girl. The word “alleged” should be emphasized, but there are two key facts that should be publicized:

    – he has a judicial conference on December 16 with opposing counsel and co-defendant counsel. This does not make him guilty or innocent, it just mean that date is on the calendar, irrespective of the election result.
    – his co-defendant, named Jeffrey Epstein, has served time in jail for the solicitation of a minor. That is not alleged, as he was convicted and served time.

    We are spending time wondering if these emails uncovered are duplicates or relevant to HRC. These existence of these lawsuits are germane and should be made more public. So, if he has found guilty of rape, remember the first sentence above.


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    • There is a lot of misguided behavior on behalf of both these candidates. HRC is far better suited temperamentally to be president of a world power where four minutes lie between the go ahead of this person and the launching of a nuclear missile. Mr. Trump can not even control his reactions on Twitter.

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      • Agreed. And, as I mentioned on my current post, Trump’s five biographers have studied him more than anyone and they have a consensus – do not vote for this man. They said what you are seeing during the campaign is not an act – that is who he is.

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        • Indeed, I have heard what his biographers have had to say about Mr. Trump. Having come to know him well, they are issuing fair warning stating that he is a narcissistic case of arrested development and not fit to be president.

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  3. Scary isn’t it, that so many Americans should want to vote for him. They defend the constitution but will let him destroy what America as stood for…Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses………..but not Mexicans or war torn refugees.
    xxx Good luck and Huge Hugs xxx

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    • Thank you David. Shouts of “Lock her up” and recently a banner was held up with a bulls-eye across the image of Trumps opponent’s face. I haven’t witnessed such radical vehement behavior in this country in my lifetime and that is what actually prompted this post. Fear is a dangerous and destructive motivator. Ironically, so many of the promises made by Mr. Trump can never be accomplished and he knows that.

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  4. Watching here from the UK, I do not recall ever seeing a Presidential Race like this. I have followed American Elections since JFK. You have no real choice, Trump and women or Clinton and an extremely dangerous Woman, make no mistake of that. Don’t just vote for Clinton because she’s a woman. Take a good long look way back into her past and that of “good old Bill”, she is an extremely dangerous woman as I said. But the choice is America’s. Good Luck to all those that have not voted yet.

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    • There is a lot of fear among people stirred by hateful rhetoric and divisiveness and as with all demagogues Trump seeks to play on this rather than rational argument. His success is quite startling and in itself frightening.

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      • I agree. It says alot about the way people are thinking now. They buy into the fear, much like the following of the dictators of the past. I used to hate Hillary, but she has a lot of positives. I find myself praying that Trump does not win.

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        • A lot of us are voting against not for, but I do think Hillary Clinton is a stable and sane woman with a sold background and temperament and is fit to be president. As with any true democracy the vote will determine who will become president. I am disappointed in that I feel the recent announcement by Coney the FBI director may have violated the Hatch Act, He failed to announce that the FBI is “looking” into any connection between the Trump Campaign and the Kremlin stating he feared it would muddy the election waters.

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        • Yes that is a double standard I think. Your comments about Hillary Clinton are right on target. I am right there too, and I hope many see the reality of that. But in the end we all have the wonderful right of choosing our leader. Peace my friend.

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        • So true as I stated above, as a democracy our vote will determine who will become the next president and members of congress, etc. As a cogent body it is their duty to control any actions that are unacceptable, as was the case of the impeachment of Bill Clinton. They have been sleeping on the job but hopefully that will improve in the new administration. Peace my friend!

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  5. Going by the election scene at yours, the overriding concern is whether democracy is the ideal form of government. It can only be if the system is liberated from money power. And the US is an illustrative example of how big money can foul up the system to the extent of throwing up lecherousness and hooliganism packaged as a GOP candidate. Not that HRC is an acceptable option either. But then there is the saving grace that America will finally see a lady in the White House if she is elected.

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  6. It is inevitable that those who feel disenfranchised, threatened, forgotten, or ignored will flock to a candidate who appears to offer something different. In this case they will either ignore the fact that the man is misogynistic, a liar, a lecher, sexist, racist, a bully and a cheat – or they will admire it. Sadly too many seem to be of the latter persuasion. If it was not so terrifying a prospect, the world would be laughing that America could could even consider putting Trump in the White House. And regardless, it seems incredible that the choice between Trump and Clinton is the best that a country as intelligent as the USA can provide from 320 million people. It does ask questions about whether America’s brand of democracy is truly serving its people.

    Yet the USA is not alone with such issues. As the UK has recently discovered.

    The song is a magnificent one – Stephen Still’s superb vocals hitting home powerful words. A joy to hear it again.

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    • Thank you Mr. D. It is appalling that we are faced with a sort of A Hobson’s choice, a” take it or leave it”with these very questionable candidates. Those who feel threatened by the outside world are flocking to Mr. Trump’s isolationist ideals even though it is highly doubtful that he will actually be able to build a wall or deport millions of illegal immigrants, imagine going door to door, if not so pathetic it would be laughable. Unfortunately there is a backbone of poverty that he rides on and he has stated clearly that he feels increasing the minimum wage is bad for this country. So, we are back to the trickle down theory…or lie.

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  7. I think the most of our world are awaiting in a little fear for Trump to be elected. It will take US back for centuries and destroy a lot of the cooperation in our world.
    I know, it is difficult, but sometimes you need to vote at the less bad.

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  8. Hard to like the subject matter, but admire your deciding to take in the Big Guy, who is an idiot and a–hole. Whoever is overlooking these elements are not meant to be my friends nor my fellow bloggers.i cannot stand Trump’s bigoted opinions nor hate vitriol against women, minorities and am never going to accept him should by some demonic method he becomes President!

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    • I invite all comments regarding this contentious election. Just this morning I was lambasted at another blog by a Trump supporter indicative of the unwillingness to dialogue . Unlike the Trump followers I will accept the election results but that is how democracy works I will rely and expect our other branches of Gov’t to oversee any reckless actions as they did in the impeachment proceeding of Former Ptesident Bill Clinton.

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  9. Hi, this is Johnson from India and I feel that the US media is intentionally promoting a villain for victory in an intentionally villainous manner. The transcript of promotions is too long, and the most notable one is how the media portrayed that Trump is not in good terms with the Pope (a critical checkpoint for many voters who hate Papacy & Europe). It was like telling people “Ok – this guy won’t be taking any orders from the Pope”. This was done to gain the votes of those who hate Papacy in favour of Trump. That was the largest fishing-net thrown by the media to fish out a large amount of people. Secondly, it’s amazing to see how none of Trump’s victims were successful in proceeding even 1 step further towards getting the law on him. Thirdly, the Putin factor; because again – Putin is largely sour to Europe. God save America! 🙂

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