Closing Thought–05Jan17

Another outrageous policy that Trump is pursuing. Wake up people…at the very least stand up for our veterans.

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Who will protect the veterans?  Trump?  I think not!

I have been an outspoken critic of our government for a long time about the treatment of out veterans….not much has changed from the days of the returning Viet vets to today….they, the vets, are treated like tools….used up when broken are thrown away and new ones plucked from society.

I have been concerned that the VA the one organization that looks to the needs of our vets will be privatized and then the vets will just be a way for some profiteers to make a fortune on the backs of people that need help.

At least Bernie Sanders has stepped up……

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a former chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, issued the following statement Friday in response to reports that President-elect Donald Trump is considering privatizing the Department of Veterans Affairs:

“Privatizing the VA would…

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39 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05Jan17

  1. A lot of veterans voted for Trump. As a veteran myself, I don’t see the attraction. Looking at our President-elect’s cabinet picks should have been a wake up call for many. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything much we can do now except keep our eyes and ears open and protest like hell.

    When I enlisted, I was promised medical, dental, and vision care post-service. Congress cut those benefits. After all, as you point out, veterans are easy pickings. It’s not like they/we can get our time served back. I really feel for the servicemen and women of today. Bush slashed benefits and few, if any, get more than 2 years care; many suffering horrific injuries in the Middle East. Thanks for the post. Liz (Maggie’s Mom)

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      • However, it was under Obama that the phony waitlists in Phoenix arose. Vets waited over 18 months for appointments, and CNN (no fan of Republicans) reported that many died while waiting for care. I’ll point you to AIM (accuracy in media) for the report.

        And while it’s easy to say that it was the Republican congress, it’s important to note that for the first two years of Obama’s presidency, he had a super majority and could have passed any legislation that he wanted to. There’s plenty of blame to go around on this one, and yet we choose to blame someone who has not served one day as President?

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        • I am pointing a finger at the republican congress and the Obama administration. The Congress has blocked or hampered all efforts put before them by Obama and as a weak president they have gotten away with it. Now here comes Trump and his cronies with their plan to throw our veterans to the wolves by privatizing the VA . They would also like to privatize Medicare. We will see, perhaps we will be happy as larks in a year, perhaps not so happy.


        • I’m no fan of Trump or Obama. But my point is that any legislation that was forwarded during his first two years would have passed. I think that it’s fair to say that VA reform wasn’t a high priority, at least not high enough during his first two years.

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        • Good point Rob, though I have learned a lesson with fake news and don’t frequent links such as As I stated I feel Obama has failed on many fronts and his presidency has accomplished little. Trump has not the intellectual qualities nor temperament to be the president, to have the codes to a nuclear arsenal, he cannot even control himself on twitter and feels that is the way to communicate his policies, in 140 words. Perhaps we will visit this again in a year and I will be proved wrong, I can only hope.

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        • I agree with most of you assertions, Holly, including Trumps intellect. But I think that the alternative was worse. Your post today inspired me to post a political rant describing the alternative. I hope that you read it, but it’s kind of verbose. 😉

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        • I hate being political Rob, it steals our energy and hurts us emotionally. I feel very strongly about our future under Trump, it’s not about the legitimacy of his election or about HRC and the mistakes she has made. I hope he matures into a fine president and we don’t have far reaching regrets.

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  2. Republican politicians are advocates for one thing only: themselves. I hope I’m wrong, but this cat will set us back for years by the time his one and only term is mercifully finished. I don’t hate…anybody. Not who I am. But I severely loathe this dude. Can’t believe so many were duped by his rhetoric. 😠

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    • They are in for a sad and disturbing surprise as most of his followers are patriots and if the very fact that he has chosen to believe Asange and Putin over the CIA and 17 branches of intelligence regarding hacking sensitive data and attempting to insert themselves into our voting process, disrupt our democracy, is not enough to send a red flag (no pun intended) what will?

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      • Preach!!!! I couldn’t agree more. Here, our Rep. Governor and his majority in the House are trying to repeal a Prevailing wage law and cripple unions, a move that will directly affect a large portion of the very people who voted him into office. This after dismantling our Medicaid laws and red-taping bunches out of the system on technicalities. Careful what you wish for guys.

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  3. I don’t think either of the political parties are advocates for veterans. I think they’re advocates for whoever is lining their pockets, and since veterans and their organizations can’t afford to do this, veterans will always take a back burner to other things. It’s sad.

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  4. You think you have a problem in America, you need to come to the UK. Around Buckingham Palace the Mall, all over you will find Veterans here left abandoned. Police arrest them in Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, but let the immigrants live in our Parks hang their washing out destroy the places. Annoyed, indeed I am. We send them Men and Women, young kids a lot and expect them to fight and die for us and when they come back how do we treat them, well like “shit” excuse my language. Its disgusting, they are imprisoned, most of these men have Post Traumatic illnesses they need help. Time America and the UK faced up to this disgrace.

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      • Indeed we do, and whatever I can do I try to do. My late Husband was in the RAF, even though I was not born at that time (he was 30 years older than me), he was in the Burma Campaign and I feel very proud of that fact, I know he said when he came back long after VE Day, everyone had forgotten those that fought, died and survived the Far East. Just with Korea the were forgotten, I had a Cousin in Vietnam mentally scarred what was done for him? There are people in the UK who don’t even remember the Falklands War. So when I hear we have those useless Royals who drive past Soldiers who fought, and they are ignored or imprisoned, my blood boils and I do what I have to.

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        • I can relate Anna, we must never forget the sacrifices made by these brave men and women. There has been war since time began and it looks like we will never see peace.


  5. I would like to ask why my Response to “Mikesteeden” has been removed, perhaps my honesty was too much. Maybe you would like to ask him to contact me direct as he referred to me as a Racist, as he put it “RACIST BREXIT” inferring all those that Voted Brexit in the UK are Racists.

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    • I don’t allow “flaming” on my blog Anna, though we have come close on this very emotional issue. I know our hearts are in the right place and expressing feelings is good but we are all entitled to our feelings and I don’t think your name was mentioned in the particular comment you reference.


  6. Remember when our President-elect said he was personally going to take calls from suicidal veterans. That was far fetched at the time, although noble in words. And, as we know now, they were just words.

    One of the frustrations I have about politics is in the following example. Two months prior to the Phoenix VA debacle a couple of years ago, Sanders and another senator put forth a funding bill of $64 billion which spelled out all the changes needed, including additional staff, to improve the VA Hospitals. This bill was voted down.

    After Phoenix, all of Congress said why did you let this happen? Several veterans groups called them on the carpet for the negative vote two months before. Later that summer, recognizing they had to do something, a bill was passed for $16 billion, a 1/4 of what was needed and requested. Now, problems still exist.

    Question – do you think not funding 3/4 of the amount needed to fix problems had anything to do with the failure to fix the problems? These problems have existed for years and got worse, when more veterans started surviving bad wounds with better medicine and surgeries. The downside is far more PTSD and disabilities.

    Congress need only look in the mirror along with the Presidents who did not adequately push for this issue.

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    • A great point Keith. Our congress has blocked most efforts to improve on our Veteran issues, our president has not taken a strong stand. His reluctance to appear partisan has given the right a free pass, the most recent being the withholding of information regarding the Russian hacking until after the election. What is he thinking? Does he feel his need to be viewed as non partisan is more important than the welfare of the nation? That will be his legacy. Thank you for your input, I agree wholeheartedly.


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