Five day song challenge

Sending out a  big thank you to Simon ( for passing on the opportunity to  once again inflict…present  my musical choices for five days. It’s day 1 of the Song Challenge.  Enjoy!


Passing the baton to Rob at V Pub.

A tribute to Earth

Beneath your soil lies the remains of dreams.  Crystalline bodies sail bravely across your skies. You are an eternal contradiction of stormy nights and saffron days. 


Saffron Days


A handmade fence

runs  along your  dappled fields,

golden meadows and verdant grasses,

kaleidoscopes of spanning forest.

Bejeweled gardens hang behind walls

festoons of Ivy and  stained glass monarchs,

the sparkling wings of honey bees.

A doe laps from a crystal spring,

that spills across rustic symmetry

to rivers and springs and a rushing sea

whose sparkling foam infused with life

breaks and rises to your warm embrace.

The man on the shore sits silently,

lost to the wonder of your poetry.





There is a  bird whose song is the color of rainbows.

When he  grieves his sighs fall like zeppelins,

when joyful his laughter is bright as an aurora.

His tongue drizzles honey down my throat and

it’s opulent verses penetrate my veins.

Sandpipers, we  wade long rivers of light.

When he is thirsty he sips drops of dew

from my feathers that are  dripping with

his colors and when adventure calls he

lifts his wings and flies away.



artist unknown

song of seasons

House of Heart

Hold me in  fleeting hours

when we are beautiful and wild

when our lips drip with honey and

and our flesh is full and ripe.

Stay  when summer departs and

our garden sips at laughter in the

iris of your  eyes.

Lie with me in winter when the

birds hold their song,

skeletons of brittle bone,

indifferent to the cold.

For you my lips are   petals

that open sweet  adventure

in the silhouette of  forests.

If  you do not return

but fly on to gardens far,

my body will seek shelter

beneath the feathers

of tongueless birds.

Mark Lovett “Woman Waiting”

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The Garden

House of Heart

We are chips of carbon raining

from an ancient galaxy,

clusters of stars,  dense and fiery,

electrons hot and spinning,

Cosmic matter embedding astral bodies

burning in our mind.

We are earth and heaven,

desert locusts swarming.

Blossoming vines linking,

intertwining infinity.

Orbiting planets gaining momentum

above ravines and forests.

We are life,   birth and death,

we are the Universe.

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five day song challenge

Thank you Syl ( for inviting me to participate in the five day song challenge. It was a  pleasure to be included.   Hope you enjoy this song by the Dixie Chicks, an American country music trio that has crossed into other genres.

Cowboy Take Me Away


I’m inviting anyone who would like to join in this fun challenge to do so!

tidal wave

A  tremble in my heart,

you are an ache, a  throb,

the stroke of copper lightening.

I have etched you in my lines

and in my margins  swathed you

in resplendent hues of  color.

Your voice is a tender quake,

your breath a hive of honey

in my throat.

I am a gentle  tug  you barely notice,

the lightness of  rain  showers on summer days.

A  rushing  wave washed upon your shore

where I have moored my soul  to yours.

Tetriana Russe

“Dreams are necessary to life”

Anais Nin

the seaside is enough

I watched him stride down the boardwalk, sit down beside me. We people watched  pale tourists turn pink in the sun. Light shown through his lips when they moved and his elegant hands lifted and dropped like majestic birds.  In the long shadows of dusk his questions demand soft answers,  sunsets slipping below the horizon or panties deftly trailed down shivering thighs.  He is a sweet  breeze over a tropical garden. He wants to be my lover but I said no. The seaside is enough for me,   its salty wind lifting my chin.



art by Steve Hanks

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